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L&M Glick Seed is an independent seed company that has been providing our customers with the products that ensure they maximize their profits since 1898. With honesty and integrity, we evaluate genetics both on our own farm, as well as in test plots, to bring the best lines to our customers.

7511 early-maturity wheat seeds

2123 medium maturity wheat seeds

EXP early maturity wheat

It is our honor here at Midwest Wheat Consultants to be a part of the L&M Glick Seed information source regarding wheat. L&M Glick Seed and Midwest Wheat Consultants have worked together over the past four seasons on wheat production, variety selection, and seed preparation. Glick’s commitment and knowledge in the proper seed selection for your individual wheat needs is why we would recommend them over other businesses in the area. Trevor and Brett are quality young men looking to make the right choices for the best interest of their farmers. We at Midwest Wheat Consultants also look forward to working along side of those same growers helping them to maximize their wheat potential. Midwest Wheat’s service starts with proper seed selection, fertility recommendation, drill calibrations, and is followed by over 30 more evaluation points considered from wheat planting to wheat harvest. Let us know what we can do to assist you in getting the best results from your wheat crop.

Phil Brown
Midwest Wheat Consultants
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