Who we are & what we’re about

L&M Glick Seed is an independent seed company that
has been providing our customers with the products
that ensure they maximize their profits since 1898.
With honesty and integrity,  we evaluate genetics
both on our own farm, as well as in test plots, to
bring the best lines to our customers.

We enjoy being a completely independent seed company because it allows us to serve our customers in
a way no other seed company can. Through independence we are able to source genetics from all
major breeding programs. We thoroughly evaluate the genetic options offered to provide our customers
the seed that will produce the best yields for them at the right price.

L&M Glick understands the stress that farmers’ operations are under in the current economic environment.
We are glad that our independence allows us to keep prices in line and help farms keep as much of the
money they earn as possible. We are honestly concerned with and care about each of our customers,
regardless of size.

We understand the importance of your farm and how much it means to you because we also operate our
family’s farm. L&M Glick runs a commercial row crop operation where we test and produce our seed. This
life long experience helps us understand the needs of a farmer better than anyone who is just a sales person.

Everyone at L&M Glick would cherish the opportunity to use our independence, experience, and integrity
to help you make your farm as profitable as possible.